Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Gallery Photos

In celebration of my 15th anniversary in business we had Art on the Lawn at Anita's Beads last Saturday. I brought out all of the collage pieces that were displayed in the house and made room for them in the two shop galleries. I am really enjoying seeing them hanging all together. The photos above show Gallery 1 working across the room from left to right.

Most of the new work is hanging in Gallery 2. I even took "Blanche Big" from its customary place at the bottom of the front stairs.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Marbled Paper

I've been collecting marbled paper for a while with the intent of using it for collage. It started with marbled endpapers in old books from the dump. And I bought some incredible hand marbled paper from Chena River Marblers out of Amherst, Massachusetts. I have a sheet like the fantastic multicolored one, and also the gold one shown on their home page.

But what prompted me to begin this post was the discovery of these fabulous marbled paper images from a really interesting site called Sheaff: ephemera. Don't miss the artistic printing album. I love these red and green hands, and also this cool hand postcard advertising the New Hampshire Craftsmans Fair at New Hampshire's Mt. Sunappe State Park. There's even an anti-tipping hand.

And also this view of the interior of the Park Street subway station in Boston. And how about this combination of dots and postage stamps, or this cool body in a bottle!

And if you liked the body in a bottle, you will love the collages of Muharrem Cetin. along with each image is a series of detail views of the piece. It's a very simple but effective site and the work is very thought-provoking. The collage detail above from Cetin's piece titled "False Five" with marbled paper provided a nice tie-in to my original subject. Seeing it has made me decide to pull together some of my marbled papers tomorrow.