Friday, March 27, 2009

With Hammer and Brush

I have just made what I think is my second (my first was the use of acrylic medium as adhesive) most important collage discovery: the arch punch. I've had one for something like 15 years sitting in the second drawer of the metal filing cabinet in the kitchen. I even have the wooden mallet to strike it with and the black pad to cut on.

Yesterday I suddenly got a mental picture of using it to cut circles for collage and to my amazement I actually could locate all three things. The cats hate the noise so the process keeps them away from my work area in addition to making perfect circles so much faster and more perfectly shaped that I have heretofore done with scissors. A miracle on all counts!

Pictured above is Hammerdots No. 2. It has 5/8-inch fabric and paper dots on a grid painted with metallic acrylic.


Beverly Kaye said...

A solution hidden in plain sight! I love this story.

Patti Gibbons said...

fab story and cool tool!

Cyth said...

I love the grid piece !!! ( Glad you found the tools you KNEW you'd need way back then ). I've been attracted to grids this past year. Don't know why . I guess they always feel cohesive; can be viewed as the whole or as the individual - the part . A lot like life as we'd like it.