Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Photo Opportunity Missed!

I was monitoring the chipmunk activity on the recently filled feeders behind Anita's Beads last evening. Whenever I notice the birds being outnumbered I call out the window: "Who's chippie's out there?" and they usually jump off. The newbies run for the hills, but the more seasoned ones come closer in anticipation of strawberries or some such treat.

Last night as I called out I noticed that one of the feeders I had filled not one hour earlier was already one third empty. And the one stubborn chipmunk still feeding on it refused to retreat, scattering seeds furiously every time I repeated the call. Somehow he had managed to squeeze himself into the feeder without removing the top but could not get himself out!

It would have made a great picture but I missed it. This photo of the feeder outside my studio window gives you an idea of the type I'm talking about. Picture it containing a chipmunk having a panic attack.

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AnitaNH said...

I've been giving some thought to the chipmunk stuck in the feeder. It's like the monkey with his hand trapped in the jar because he won't let go of the banana. Once the chipmink has a face full of sunflower seeds, his head will no longer fit through the opening!