Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jiri Kolar: The Poetics of Silence

I'm glad that I caught Elaine Sexton's review (Art in America, April 2010, p.128.) of Jiri Kolar's past collage show, The Poetics of Silence, that was at Pavel Zoubok this past December. My favorites are Birds (Vermeer), 1970 and Birds (Untitled) No. 5, 1972. I especially admire the composition of the Vermeer, with the placement of the woman's upper torso above the eagle feet. This clever juxtaposition of disparate images is what collage does best and Kolar was a master.

And while I was on Zoubok's site I explored the paintings of Barbara Sandler. Her marvelous series of portraits are full of dots along with numbers, stars, and other symbolic elements. Her use of line is also worth studying, as is her colors of rich grays and browns against orange and turquoise.

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