Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dorje No. 3 Howl Quilt

Did you feel that SuperMoon last night? I couldn't sleep so I worked on the computer for a while and came up with what I call my "Howl Quilt" from a third dorje array of quarter dots. I started with this:

And then turned shapes and replaced colors. My objective was to establish contrast. I knew that I would be manipulating the colors again once the basic design was set so I didn't stress about the unattractiveness of my first combination:

I repeated in a block of nine and inverted it:

Then I played around with various filters, replaced colors, and applied gradients to alter the colors some more:

I like the results from the blur filter, especially the motion blur example in the center of the array above. Here's one final array of "third generation" repeats.

I think I like this one second best:

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