Thursday, February 5, 2009

Philip Taaffe

I see in the February 2009 issue of Art News that Philip Taaffe has a show titled "New Works" in Berlin at the Jablonka Galerie. Known for his joyous use of ornamentation and for his habit of appropriation, his multi-layered work features high-key colors in contrast.

In this article, "The Ornament Strikes Back," a slide show features images of Taffee's studio with a fascinating glimpse of work in process. It is interesting to see how he makes use of stencils. A Tlingit inspired piece features prominently in one shot.

The Official Website of Philip Taaffe is a rich source of images of and information about Taaffe's work. I particularly enjoyed reading this interview with Taaffe and collage artist Fred Tomaselli discussing, in part, the work of artist Harry Smith. I'm a big fan of Tomaselli's work and will make him the subject of a future post. I'll also be exploring Harry Smith, hitherto unknown to me. There is so much to be inspired by!

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