Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Art Quilt

I've been in a very dark mood lately, influenced by some of my recent reading, no doubt. So this morning I decided to lighten up with a random selection from my shelf of over-sized books. Robert Shaw's The Art Quilt (Hugh Lauter Levin, 1997) is a visual delight with 304 pages (measuring 10.5x14 inches) illustrated by color photos of some amazing quilts. I have not looked at this book for some time. . . not since I started doing collage and today I'm getting inspiration like mad!

The book first opened to an abstract piece by Marilyn Henrion titled "Newton's Law." The flyleaf was marking the place so I was attracted to it in the past (before I had a computer!) as I am now. On her web site, you can find "Newton's Law" in the gallery labeled "Grids and More."

I could spend all day just surfing around looking at the work of different artists. Maybe I will add more links later on. . .

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Beverly Kaye said...

I know the feeling of "shopping" in your own library, not unlike shopping in your own closet. Thank you so much for this recommendation, it sounds like a great book. Both my Daughter-in-law and my granddaughter quilt, so I will be sending this on to them.