Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never Clean House

I am stupid when I clean. Don't get me wrong, I'm usually not stupid. But I tend to reserve tasks I don't really enjoy to times when I'm feeling tired or angry or depressed. And as a result, I throw things away (which, I later discover, I really should have been kept) in a futile attempt to make space.

As soon as I saw this cool collection of cigarettes in test tubes (with little bits of red acid-free ribbon to facilitate removal of the corks--the same ribbon used to tie bundles of periodicals in libraries, I believe) I thought of two things.
The first was of Joseph Cornell and how nice the collection would look arranged by him in a box.

And the second thought was of the box of pyrex petri dishes that I saved from the trash back in 1978--how cool the round glass dishes would look in a collage. I'm so hoping that they survived my last house-cleaning purge!


self taught artist said...

i dont care for the cigarette thing...but i'm fascinated that you know the year you found the petri dishes.

AnitaNH said...

I was pregnant at the time (famous female milestone)and working in a bacteriology lab with the aroma of fish and culture media amplifying morning sickness. Some strong memories there!