Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scrap Book Museum

I recently confessed to my Yahoo! Collage Artist Group that there has been no art since July (actually, make that June) when I made the poster for the Gafney Library Fundraiser. I just ordered some new paper so I can experiment further with the overlay and thick string technique used for it. Nothing like new art materials to supply motivation!

And to further encourage me, some interesting piles of old book pages, book jackets, and other interesting ephemera have been collecting on the table in my studio which could turn into some nice collages. Although I must admit that my librarian side has been coming out lately, turning me into even more of a pack rat.

I want to share these posts from AmassBlog. I've collected a few bookseller labels here and there, but no where near enough to make such a wonderful array!

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