Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From the Shelves of Paul Beliveau

I'm always interested in other people's bookshelves. (As a librarian, I spent many hours shelf-reading.) You can tell a lot about a person by scanning their shelves.

Artist Paul Beliveau (b. 1954) makes some intriguing compositions of book spines, juxtaposing nostalgic subject matter. His serigraph Les Humanites provides a nice example, as does Les rencontres #1. See his most recent acrylic paintings at The Arden Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston. I enjoy the different type faces in Les rencontres LXXXIV (the one with Kennedy and Pop Art). And if I had 10 grand to spare, I'd like to have Les rencontres XCII (with Charles Rennie MacKintosh) for the spirals and dots.

Beliveau's oil paintings bring to mind collages. And he's done a series of assemblages that suggest stacks of books. I absolutely adore this mixed media on canvas titled Theatre II: a l'italienne. The pencil drawing on the "transparent cement" wall is so beautiful. I can envision a whole series of objects from my curio cabinets making their debut on stage!

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