Monday, September 14, 2009

Woman in the Dunes

The state of restless continues. The excitement of learning new Photoshop tricks for digital collage has faded. I need to create art in the physical world and I'm easing myself back into it. My bead shop was open 7 days through Labor Day so I had no days off in which to totally immerse myself. Instead, I felt like Pavlov's dog waiting for the bell to ring, unable to relax into the process.

But now I am getting back into my regular routine of two days off for art. I'm dealing with the restlessness by trying to achieve mental clarity. I won't allow myself to think too far ahead and worry about money, or snow, or sickness and old age. (See how easily I go there!) Instead, I force myself to focus only on the here and now. I'm living in a place I love, I'm doing what I love, the sun is shining, and I didn't have shovel a path to put out my "Open" flag.

Nothing else really matters but the art. I'll be OK as long as I keep making progress. It's easier than that, even. . . just keep making collages and the progress will take care of itself. So why do I feel like the woman shoveling sand in Woman in the Dunes?

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