Monday, March 15, 2010

Studio View: Alexander Calder

I love to get a peek at famous artists' studios. I always hope to learn something by studying the details revealed in a photograph.

Lately I have been taken by the blog of Nick Heywood. Maybe it's got something to do with his initials (N.H.) displayed woven into the fabric of his masthead that make me feel at home. His post on the studio of Alexander Calder has some fabulous photos. So wonderfully kind of Nick to share them!


paula said...

cool to see thanks for sharing that blog. hows your studio doing?

AnitaNH said...

Hey, Paula! I'm loving the fact that everything is so organized and easy to find. I've been taking snapshots of the "design wall" every so often and will post images some time after I have a few more.

I'm enjoying your redwood sculptures

paula said...

good to hear, way to go!