Sunday, December 26, 2010

Contemplating the Quarter Dot

I have been meditating on what has become my favorite collage: After Le Parc (Theme No. 1). On my collage web site it can be found linked from the Tributes & Inspirations page. I moved it physically from the gallery into my bedroom a while ago. It looks fabulous in half-light! The white divisions between the quarter dots keep the eye in kinetic motion which is in keeping with the art of Julio Le Parc upon who's work the piece is based.

I have been thinking about doing other versions of the same dots on different background colors. Black, gray and yellow are three that come to mind. I'd also like to change the color scheme of the dots themselves. The digital quilt version below seems less pleasing to me than I originally hoped, due to the imposition of the dark area which was caused by my casting a shadow when I photographed the work.

I have explored the quarter dot theme in two other pieces: a poster for the Gafney Library fundraiser in 2009, and a small acrylic painting on thai unryu.


paula said...

the poster and last photo are my it. happy seeing your dots here ...its been awhile

AnitaNH said...

Thanks, Paula. Yah, it HAS been a while. Some major life changes. . . almost through it. . . and my house is finally peaceful and organized the way I've wanted it to be. Looking forward to a creative new year!

MrCachet said...

It's been awhile, Anita! Welcome back, and just in time too. I came across your mail art you sent to me while moving my studio, and thought about the fact you hadn't posted in some time. I hope all is well.

AnitaNH said...

Nice to hear from you, Dave! All is well and some interesting collages are in progress which I'll try not to discuss until they are finished (although posts labeled "Anita Gets A Life" over on my Temporary Blog will give a hint about one of the themes). Hoping to show a couple of them in February with The Art Group.