Monday, December 27, 2010

More Batik

Making up for lost time here today I guess. . . as well as resting up for round two of shoveling! Here are scans of some old photos of my quilted batik wall hangings and pillows. I also did silk-screened children's t-shirts all under the name "Designs on You." Pictured above is "Waltzing Matilda." (I was big into Tom Waits back then.)

Below are two versions of one called "The Bride." I love this one because it reminds me of my mother, Irene, and I intend to do a collage series based on it some day. The close-up is of the original green version. The second one is a later gold version. I like the green one the best.

The one below is called "Moonflower." I did a second version which I called "Sunflower" that was yellow with green which I recall seeing in a closet somewhere. Interesting to note the early use of dots!

Below is one of the last batiks I did called "Crocus: Kiss of Death." Following that are two of my pillows.

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