Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finding Frantz Ferdinand

I just discovered the coolest animated collage in a music video by Franz Ferdinand called Take Me Out. It was brought to my attention by the Yahoo Group of artist Cecil Touchon. Due to my propensity for living with my head in the sand, I was never exposed to Franz Ferdinand back in 2004 when the video came out. That's OK. Their music is not my cup of tea but I love the animation which as described on Wikipedia was inspired by Dadaism, especially Max Ernst's collage novels Une Semaine de Bonte and The Hundred Headless Woman (La Femme 100 tetes) with a little Busby Berkeley and Russian constructivist design also thrown in.

The video was directed by Jonas Odell, who also did the "Window in the Skies" music video for U2. I found more of Odell's work on YouTube: Revolver, Body Parts, and Lies. And here's a short trailer for his 2010 film, Tussilago. I could really get into YouTube in a big way if I wasn't on slow dial-up!

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