Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two New Crosses

I never did finish my previous post. That list of Russian artists should have hyperlinks to pictures of their work. I got Internet Explorer 9 in the midst of it and then couldn't highlight and link in the compose editor. So I painfully set it up by doctoring the html only to find I couldn't publish or save. So now I am back in Firefox and things are back to normal.

Having no computer for a while was actually good for me. I had fun drawing and cut a path in the back yard which I will photograph for my Temporary Blog. I made good use of one of my crosses as an hours advertisement for my bead shop.

I wish I could put it on my websites but my Front Page will not run on Windows 7. But aside from that, and no longer having MSWord, everything else is pretty much back to normal. I'm enjoying the speed of my cable and, to get back to the Russians, I found a bunch of cool YouTube videos on Kandinsky and El Lissitzky that I will make the subject of a later post.

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