Wednesday, June 29, 2011

X-Dots for the Library

I just finished the posters for this years fundraiser for the Gafney Library. I made a collaged version on foam board for display in the library, and then I made a Photoshop version for printing and posting. I used some of my marker dots cut into quarters and rotated 45 degrees to form flashing white X's as the decoration.

This year there are 57 local artists donating their work which will be on display in the library for most of July. Raffle tickets are $1. so if you find yourself in Wakefield, take a chance!


MrCachet said...

Well designed poster. It works!

AnitaNH said...

Thanks, Dave.

I love your latest with the marbles!

Sparrow said...

AWESOME job Anita , hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend :)