Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doing the Tango: Cross Cross Repeat

I took the last combination on Tangerine Tango from yesterday and selected it off it's background and rearranged multiples on a new document. It's amazing how nicely the units interlocked!

The inversion resulted in a yellow which I did not care for. So I shifted the cobalt blue to turquoise, flipped and rotated the original block so the corners all lined up and connected at the center of four:

Now when it is inverted the yellow has shifted to a lovely Tangerine Tango!

Upon evaluation, I've decided this design is not appropriate for fabric. There is a slight diagonal drift to the whole design which becomes really apparent when you view the design as yardage. Hemming or even sewing straight seams would be disconcerting to say the least as nothing seems squared. Hung as curtains it would probably make the room look tilted!

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