Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Graph Paper Crosses

I'm back to playing with my graph paper crosses, applying a few of my new photoshop tricks and messing about changing the colors. The originals are done in marker on graph paper. I made a bunch a while ago to collage onto canvas. (Note to self: locate and finish.)

Some of these are in the process of becoming fabric. I'm still all over the place with color but eventually I hope to create things that match up--large, medium and small scale prints. Something smallish to cut and sew that could be stuffed and then embellished with beads and then worn on a kumihimo cord like a pendant

This orange one amazes me, and I should try it inverted.

I need to remember to re-visit this graph paper design for fabric application as well.

The problem is after I work on this for a while I go on overload with all of the ways I can manipulate my original image. I don't see stuff right away. I've learned not to dismiss anything until I give it a second look with fresh eyes.

Look at this one. I think the above would make an amazing pillow. Reducing the scale is nice, too.


Johnpaul said...

What a brilliant works are these, like it graph paper crosses is excellent, graphs

AnitaNH said...

Thank you, Johnpaul. That is a very interesting link you provided on graphs.

My favorite drawing done on graph paper is this one, titled The Impossible Dream: