Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In the short-term, I would probably not be doing this if I hadn't found the Blog ( of an impassioned and refreshing woman living in Vermont. Hello Paula! from your neighbor and kindred spirit in New Hampshire.

And in the long-term, I should mention two artists who have inspired me. The first is Roderick Slater. I admired his collages back in the early '80's before I even knew what collage was. There was a gallery in Newburyport, Massachusetts that had lots of them! They were ever so detailed and absolutely enchanting. And they planted a seed that finally sprouted in 2004 with the discovery of the Talbot method of collage. Jonathan Talbot's slim little book provided the link that finally got me started on my path of artistic expression through collage.

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self taught artist said...

thank you for your comment, it actually made me cry. good for you and thanks for calling me refreshing and impassioned instead of crazy!