Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Clear Title

No clear title comes to mind for this post. But I am starting this with all good intentions because I want to post something here every day. That's one of the rules of blogging, as I understand it... it's a daily thing. But I'm thinking that, for me, it should not always be a morning thing.

I went out this morning for groceries and that interrupted the energy. I will confess that I don't get out much. Clearly stated: I like it here. I can go for days without going beyond the mailbox at the end of my driveway. If I could order groceries over the internet and have them delivered, I probably wouldn't leave at all until the opening of my first Boston or NY gallery show(!) or until my interlibrary loan book comes, whichever happens first. I've requested "Color Choices: Making Sense Out of Color Theory" by Stephen Quiller.

I've just come back to edit this post to add the photo of the tamarack tree that shades my mailbox. It's a deciduous pine and the needles are even more yellow now and are beginning to drop in earnest.


sarala said...

Hi, I saw you were starting a blog on Paula's site and I always like to send out encouraging vibes. I remember the first comment I got on my site nearly three years ago. It was so cool. I nearly quit blogging at first when no one visited but now I have a few friends and the blog keeps on moving.
Good luck.

AnitaNH said...

Thank you, sarala. I sense a community of kindred souls here

kimberly said...

Hi Anita, I also have read Stephen Quiller's book, Color Choices. It is a good resource. I taught color theory and referred to it on occasion. If you have questions on color theory, I will be happy to help.

AnitaNH said...

Thanks, Kimberly. The book is in so I will try to pick it up at the library this morning (Sat.) before my shop opens. Something tells me I'm going to be opening late today because it is also the drop-off for The Art Group's "Constantly Risking Abstraction Show."

self taught artist said...

I am sooo like you in that...if it weren't for the library and food and of course going out to find art scrap, I would probably have cobwebs on me. Sometimes getting the mail is too onerous.
that tree looks delicous, i can almost smell the pine