Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Soul Collage

I'm two days into a collage area cleaning binge. Absolutely every pile, box and bin is being moved, sorted, and checked for dampness and (heaven forbid) mold. My collage area keeps growing. I have the studio (a room off the barn/bead shop) which doubles as my gallery space. All finished work plus work in progress lives there in addition to all of my art supplies and semi-sorted bins of this-and-that. Half of the office space upstairs has been taken over by my cutting library of books and my vintage pages clipping file (loosely grouped in transparent sleeves by subject or source). And now the big library table downstairs is covered by my contemporary clippings file. I started a system of subject folders some time ago which has grown to five bins worth. I'm still finding boxes of images "to be filed" hidden away in corners here and there. Good thing it's a sturdy table because it's quite an impressive pile. (Note to self: Put up pictures to document this stupendous accomplishment.)

One of the things I found were a few Soul Collage card readings from 2004. Visit the page and get a four card spread. Click on the individual cards to learn their meaning. All of the cards are found image collages by various artists.

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