Sunday, December 7, 2008

In Wakefield, New Hampshire

Today we are getting a little snow. It's not our first this season but as you can see there is not much to speak of yet on the ground, only enough to make the downed tree look picturesque. The tree was still standing when I moved here over 12 years ago. Its top had been destroyed by a lightning strike some years before and it put all of its energy into one branch that became the tallest thing around. It was unbalanced, however, and the stiff wind blowing across the meadow toppled it a couple of years ago. I was sad to see it go.
There have been a number of lightning strikes in my immediate area, and my house came with lightning rods on the peaks of all of the roofs. The Congregational Church (built in 1816) right up the hill from me was destroyed in a fire started by lightning on 2 September 1956.
It was re-built, although its spire lacks some of the original architectural detail. Below is an aerial photo showing the new church. That's my street and my house is about 1/4 mile down on the left.


self taught artist said...

fun pictures, (the first one didn't show up but it might be weather inference on my end)
love the picture of the town, looks like a miniature world!!!

AnitaNH said...

Wow, we had a little "weather interference" here last night. 80 mph winds. Stove went out and the downstairs was 38 this morning. Cats had cold feet!