Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Surfing Bruce Pollock

Now here's a man that knows his dots. I went from Larry Jordan to Wallace Bergman (I'll get back to Jordan and Bergman in a future post) and discovered the amazing monochromatic quilt-like (grandmother's flower garden, specifically; see above) paintings of Bruce Pollock now at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in a show titled Bruce Pollock: Circling West (September 13 - December 13, 2008). Pollock's paintings, created for this show, are oils on 24x24 inch canvas. My favorite is the violet one for the way it makes me feel when I look at it, but the rest are pretty nice, too! Pollock's web site affords a larger view of Red Square as well as a sampling of pen and ink drawings, my favorite of which is Trinity. I love this quote about his work from the curator of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art: "These are images of transformation. They reward prolonged looking with a slow unraveling of their secrets and with a sense that through them one is contemplating larger issues of creation and existence." Bruce Pollock lives in Philadelphia and is represented there by the Fleischer/Ollman Gallery (a 1996 show was reviewed in Art in America) .

I am reminded of the acrylic paintings by Linda Darling. I just spent a half hour or so scanning through my image files (not as well-organized as they could be) to find her name. I love the way she paints with different sized circles. A nice example is Kaleideometric (Acrylic on canvas; 40x37.5 inches) . I'm sorry I can't give a credit for this photo (below) of another Linda Darling painting which could very well have been from Artnet; I do not know the title either.

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