Saturday, January 31, 2009

Primary Sources

I have been reading a lot about a certain morbidly depressing topic mainly due to the documents that, unbidden, have make themselves known to me through their appearance at the local dump. I feel that it is inappropriate for me to discuss this topic here, especially in light of my Yahoo Collage Artists Group rule prohibiting political discussion except in the context of art. Needless to say a collage is forthcoming. One with a very interesting back story.

In the process of conducting this research, and ultimately because of it, certain books have been given over to my care by fate. I have created a library of discards which forms a snapshot of the way the world (the white anglo-saxon world, specifically) was for a period of one hundred years before I was born. In school I was always bored by history, preferring art, followed by literature and science. So anything I read about the past is, at least in part, news to me. But in this case I don't think my ignorance is the result of not having paid attention. The elementary and high school texts of the 60's and 70's (whether from neglect or avoidance) did not include the topic I am researching right now.

I will end this digression by mentioning that the piece shown in progress above (that has been in my Archive of Indecision for four years) initially titled "How A New Power Dawned" now has a higher purpose.

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