Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lance Letscher's Pie Dots

I've had a couple of issues of Bookforum on my reading pile which came free with another publication. I just got around to looking at them, and as a result, have made three major collage artist discoveries. The first is Lance Letscher.

Letscher takes discarded books and creates amazingly patterned and subtly colored compositions like quilts that can be read. He's taken the dot to a whole new dimension! Here's one at the Howard Scott Gallery in NYC titled Advice to a Young Artist that I absolutely love. And the D. Berman Gallery in Austin, Texas shows Amusing Story, Inner Life, the captivating Blue Flowers, the richly monochromatic Proof, and The Older Student among many others.

University of Texas Press has published the 224 page book Lance Letscher: Collage. And there's a great article from the Austin Chronicle from 2004.

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