Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quarter Dot 9-Block

Here's a combination of the original primary quarter dot block with one where the blue has been shifted in photoshop. It sort of vibrates when you look at it the right way. I think the gray background helps this being nebulous and cloudy where dead black or pure white would be too stark. But then again, maybe an infinate void of black might work too. I need to explore this further!

1 comment:

self taught artist said...

wow, this is interesting and makes me feel energized. not that you are even asking for opinions and i'm sure you have tried many versions...but for me i'm wondering about either shadowing the little boxes so they have dimension away from the gray or maybe a different shade...its just a little too dark or something for me...but i love what you are doing (hope you dont mind my 2cents worth)
i keep looking forward to more dots from you!