Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why I Love Being Here

A deer was born in my backyard this morning. I looked out the back window to see what the chipmunks were chattering about and saw the mother leading her newborn across the yard. When she reached the tall grass in the shady corner she laid down with it for over an hour before moving into the trees.

It was such an amazing sight. At first I was surprised that the deer was crossing the open area so slowly. . . usually they just go bounding through. Then I saw the tiny newborn following her. The mother could see me standing in the window and I was amazed again when she came to rest so close to the house.

I didn't want to intrude with the binoculars or camera. But this picture taken last fall shows where they were resting. The grass is longer now.

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self taught artist said...

i get it... i get it for sure. for as hard as it is out in the boonies, it is unbelievable.
good for you for being privy to that :)
hey i saw my first cow and calve moose a few weeks ago, just a stones throw from me. it felt like an animal totem and very surreal. fox too....its wonderful being near nature.

chorg...my word verification. i try to be amused by these since i hate word veriication process....