Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Op of My Own

I guess the write-up that I saw in Art News (March 2010, p.9) on the San Antonio Museum of Art's up-coming show "Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art Since the 60's" has inspired me to create a little Op of my own. The show opens March 13, 2010 and closes on August 1. The catalog, featuring an intricate collage painting by Fred Tomaselli, will be published in April by MIT Press. (Nice interviews with Tomaselli here and here.)

Artists include: Isaac Abrams, Albert Alvarez, Richard Anuszkiewicz Chio Aoshima, Kamrooz Aram, Jeremy Blake, Richie Budd, Gordon Cheung, Judy Chicago, George Cisneros, James Cobb, Steve DiBenedetto, Carole Feuerman, Jack Goldstein, Alex Gray, Peter Halley, Al Held, Mark Hogensen, Constance Lowe, Erik Parker, Ed Paschke, Lari Pittman, Ray Rapp, Deborah Remington, Bridget Riley, Susie Rosmarin, Alex Rubio, Sterling Ruby, Julian Stanczak, Jennifer Steinkamp, Frank Stella, Philip Taaffe, Barbara Takenaga, Fred Tomaselli, Victor Vasarley, Michael Velliquette, Andy Warhol and Robert Williams.

My digital collage started with a scan of a lovely book by Paul Borey titled Les Cherchers De Quinquinas (Des Vallees De Caravaya A L'Amazone) dating from 1893. My house is built on ledge and the scanner is sensitive to the vibrations caused by passing vehicles. Inopportune traffic resulted in the weird color-separated effect, below.

I cropped the center of the image to get a framed circle, which I repeated and further manipulated using the brush tool on different colored backgrounds.

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