Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Old Man in Nature

Here's a fabulous painting of The Old Man of the Mountain by Garnet W. Jex from the cover of "The New England Number" of Nature Magazine dated May 1929. The back cover features an advertisement for Darwin tulips, "Heralds of Spring!"

Articles include: "Chocorua, The Abandoned Farm, New England Through the Ages, New England's Bird Guests, Over Lofty Trails, New England's Wild Flowers, New England's Land Mammals, Acadia National Park, Puritan Posies, Nature In New England, The Silvery Harvest, The Forests of New England, Meeting Place of the Insects, and New England Views the Skies.

I thought the advertisement above, totally unrelated to New England, was rather odd. (In the interest of health, a law was passed in Texas prohibiting the sale of live armadillos.)

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