Monday, May 3, 2010

Color Flash Cards

Growing up I was required to "practice your flash cards" after homework was done. Gone was the incentive to dash it off so I could disappear into my latest book. I hated math and flash cards. Both forced my mind to work in ways contrary to my natural tendencies.

But now I am creating fun flash cards. Their initial purpose is to serve as color swatches for all of my decorative and color papers. They will allow a comparison between two different adhesive methods, PVC glue and Gloss Acrylic Medium.

I cut a pad of inexpensive 9x12" watercolor paper into quarters and traced two 2-inch dots onto each card. I started by applying PVC glue to one dot area on each card. Laying them out to dry I became aware of the nice repeat design they created. I'm thinking about ways to capitalize on the 3-D effect of the raised area resulting from application of the glue.

1 comment:

paula said...

i like how 'bubbly' they look