Monday, May 17, 2010

Look, It's the Atomist !

I couldn't help but notice the post titled "Seeing Vision: Examples of Light and Sight Personified" on the blog Ptak Science Books . Their second illustration is the source for my Atomist! I first used her as a found illustration in Simulacra, below.

Then she became the subject of her own collage titled The Atomist Confronts the Infinate Void. I did two studies to fool around with acrylic paint before completing the final piece below:

Below is a reference photo showing a very early version. I was just beginning to assemble elements. Somewhere along the way the birds and the iris were eliminated. Maybe I'll do another version someday and include them.

I actually like this second study that I did the best. Her dress is an illustration from an old western novel:

And, how cool is this, I just noticed a whole series titled History of Dots on the Ptak Science Books blog. Absolutely amazing!

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