Monday, January 2, 2012

Diffuse Glow

Today I'm working towards completing a set of 15 designs so I can proof my Spoonflower fabrics. I'm having so much fun I can't believe it. This example started by cleaning the sort pile on the dryer. I had a little scrap of color chips coated in acrylic medium that was torn from one of my notebooks. It was too cute to throw away so I put it on the scanner and look what happened:

Once the basic unit above was repeated, I decided that I didn't like the brown chip so I changed it to gray. Then I jazzed it up a little with one of my favorite Photopshop devices, the Spiral Brush:

Here's more of it repeated smaller:

The finishing touch was to apply something called "Diffuse Glow" which toned the thing down. I like the softer look as well as the "tea-washed" background color.

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