Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First 15 Spoonflower Sample Swatches

My first swatch samples have arrived from Spoonflower. First off, what an amazing turn around! I ordered the sampler Monday night, it was printed and shipped on Wednesday, and I received it in the mail on Saturday afternoon.

I am also very pleased by the sharpness of the images. The files are all .tif format, 600 pixels/inch, sized around 3725 x 3725 pixels resulting in 39.7 MB which is close to their 40MB size limit. There is slight fuzziness in some views on the Spoonflower site, but the focus on the fabric itself is dead-on perfect!

I smoothed the piece of fabric out on my work table under an Ott light, and proceeded to cut around each individual design with pinking shears.

The individual 8x8 inch swatches are separated by a white unprinted margin marked with blue guidelines and numbers that Spoonflower assigns for identification purposes.

Seven of the swatches could not be improved upon and are now available for purchase at my Spoonflower shop. The rest will be re-worked for various reasons. My unexpected favorite has got to be Impossible Dream in large (top photo) and small:

Three in my Perfect Square Collection also made the cut including Blue Dorje:

and another pleasant surprise, Orange Dorje:

Stay tuned for some Orange Dorje companion fabric! This next one needs to be re-worked because a slight pencil line is visible:

I either need to play it up more or eliminate it entirely. Back to the drawing board!


paula said...

that is so exciting!!! love seeing this anita :)

AnitaNH said...

Thanks, Paula. It's the most fun I have had in a long time!!

MrCachet said...

Including the scissors gives me some idea about the scale. I like your favorite too!

AnitaNH said...

Excellent point! Scale is important. I've edited the text to include size information: swatches are 8x8 inches.