Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baking Christmas Pie

My cousin Michael send me the most marvelous Christmas card. The picture is of my grandmother, Blanche making pies in her kitchen at 29 St. Peter Street in Salem, Mass.

My grandmother baked a fabulous apple pie! My grandfather loved music and there are his records on top of what looks like my grandmother's sewing machine. I remember the kitchen chairs and the flowered canister set.

You can see the canisters again in one of the photos from this post written earlier about the wonderful house and how it was saved from the wrecking ball. And I also should mention that the baby in the photo at the bottom of the earlier post turns out to be me. My cousin Kathy, standing to the right of the high chair, told me so.

Thanks, Michael, for sending such a thoughtful holiday gift full of wonderful memories!


paula said...

that is a thoughtful gift! i like looking at your grandmother..seeing the 'other country' in her. grandparents still had that to them.

Rhody Art said...

Oh my, I love the photo. By the way you are an inspiration to me.