Friday, December 18, 2009

Faneuil Hall, Boston

Here's an oversized view of Faneuil Hall in Boston, a "Lusterchrome" Giant Post Card. The back reads:
Affectionately called "The Cradle of Liberty", Faneuil Hall was the focus of Revolutionary movement in Boston and the colonies. It was built in 1742 by Peter Faneuil and given to Boston as a Town Hall.
Happy Postcard Friendship Friday to everyone!


Beth Niquette said...

It's been about five years since we were in Boston. I have such fond memories of that city.

Thank you so much for this post! Happy PFF!

Marie Reed said...

This is filled with restaurants now.. right? What I wouldn't give for a steaming bowl of chowder right now!

Anonymous said...

I had to go back and look at the one you posted last week to compare with this one. Ahh, gone are the cart traffic jams.
P.S. Aren't you impressed that I remembered that you posted a picture of Faneuil Hall last week. I am, especially since I can't remember where I put my keys five minutes ago.

Lyneen said...

I visited there in the 80's I can still remember all the vendors in Faneuil Hall... I had a great time... TFS