Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Significant Snow

We got a little snow yesterday, as you can see, but not quite enough yet to cover the meadow for cross-country skiing. And it will be a while before that channel freezes over. The roads were pretty icy last night, so bad that a car skidded into an electrical pole in front of the house next door. Broke the pole right off, from what I understand. I both heard and felt the crash, looked out the kitchen window (no street lights in this part of town, and no moon so it was DARK!) and saw headlights shining into the woods. I called 911.

For the next few hours there was all manner of activity involving public service, and this morning when I looked in the daylight I noticed a second pole was added. (The barn was not damaged in the accident, its roof fell in over a year ago.) A friend informed me that a police cruiser was involved in the accident so today I had a story to tell my bead customers about calling the cops on the cops!

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