Friday, January 16, 2009

All Curiosity

As is often the case, Robert Genn's newsletter provided me with some food for thought this morning. In answer to a reader's question about finding the time to explore new ideas, he says:

"You need regularly to move from the assembly line and simply surrender to your intuition, and you need to be guilt free about it. While maybe a seeming distraction, it's the elixir that gives energy and courage to the roll of your production and your life in art. The penchant for exploration has a great deal to do with innate curiosity. Artists have curiosity in degree--some are all output and no curiosity, others are all curiosity and no output."

That last bit just about sums it up for me lately. . . all curiosity and no output. Ever since I came down with the flu right before Christmas I have been unable to work at my art. I have been two weeks trying to unscramble a huge accounting mess, a result of my steadfast avoidance of the issue, and I'm still not done! I have been seeking refuge in films and books which, although providing lots of ideas for collage, have become an escape from unpleasant tasks. . . I need to get back on the assembly line!

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