Saturday, January 17, 2009

Animation Software

I'm still moving forward with my exploration of the animation process. I ended up purchasing a used copy of Chris Patmore's The Complete Animation Course, one of the more useful books on my Animation Hit List. It is heavily illustrated and covers a lot of information without getting into too much depth so it is the perfect introduction for someone like me who knows next to nothing about current technology in the animation field.

I've also just added another interlibrary loan book to the Hit List. Published in 2002 so the information is somewhat dated, Jenny Chapman's www.animation; Animation Design for the World Wide Web is nonetheless giving me a good overview of how to create a moving image on the web.

I need to consider very carefully which software I am going to invest in. I have done some reading up specifically about Flash in Phillip Kerman's Macromedia Flash 8 in 24 Hours. I absolutely adore Adobe products so there is that to examine as well. I came across a very useful link (thanks to non-obligatory blogging) which yields an incredible list of animation software: (an Online Training Library whose products are available by subscription). Who knew there were so may choices?

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