Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in Studio 2

Today is moving day. I am reclaiming what was my second studio here in the front room of the first floor of my house.

I started off in the upstairs front room (shown below) which is now the office.

Then to the front room where I'm returning now. Here I am (below) 5 years ago before I turned into an old hag (just kidding - a little).

From there I moved to the carriage house next to the barn, a small room off of my bead shop which is now a gallery. The photos below show it cluttered to the max!

The fourth studio location, which I am in the process of vacating now, was the library (now in total chaos shown below). I'm anticipating having easy access to all of my book shelves again. With the big oak table clear, I will have a nice well-lit spot for classes in jewelry-making and collage.

I've been preparing for this move for three weeks now so today is a big day. It's amounting to a total space overhaul. You can never have enough bins, boxes and bookcases. Life will be good!

Looking back on those pictures, most of them put me on visual overload. Too bad I can't leave the new studio empty like the top photo. (More empty studio views.) It would be nice to have a decompression chamber. Fat chance of that but I guess I can always go stare at snow!


paula said...

this is you are worse than (or better than:) ?)me as far as art taking over your LIFE.
good job!

AnitaNH said...

Thanks, Paula! Art HAS taken over my life. Now the only room without some sort of art storage is the bathroom.

paula said...

give it time ;)

AnitaNH said...

Well, actually I once had all my Lapidary Journals shelved in there but the edges started curling. . .