Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Studio 2: White Board

So far I've moved in four folding tables, a drawing table, and a cabinet. Plus enough bins to fill the space under the tables. The two smaller back-to-back tables have had their legs extended because I like to work standing up.

A new feature in this room is an 8 foot by 8 foot collage design wall. My friend attached two pieces of "white board" to the wall just inside the door and I have some of those erasable markers. How fun to have such a large surface to draw on. I'm hoping that blue painter's tape will be safe to use on the surface, also. Time will tell!

I got the idea from the quilter, Nancy Crow. Her design walls can be pinned to which makes sense when arranging fabric but I don't want to put holes in my paper. Plus my cat Mica has a penchant for eating thumb tacks and push pins so I tend to avoid them for safety reasons!

I absolutely love Nancy's book, Quilts and Influences published by the American Quilter's Society. Have you seen the whirligigs and tramp art she shows as "influences" at the end of the book?

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