Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Storage System

I've discovered a new storage system for my small coated collage elements. I used to save them in drawing pads, carefully arranged so the edges wouldn't touch. Moving the pads caused shifting, making it difficult to browse through the pages. And since objects coated in acrylic medium have a tendency to adhere to one another, especially when subjected to pressure and temperature, stacking and warm weather also caused problems.

The solution is stamp collector's stock albums! The pages are designed so postage stamps with adhesive can be stored and removed without sticking to each other or to the page. I bought a bound album of 32 double-sided pages made in Germany (Lighthouse 64-White Page Stamp Stockbook No. L4/32). Each side is protected by a semi-transparent sheet. The book has a sturdy binding which allows it to lay flat when open to any page.

Each 8x11.5-inch page has nine width-wise strips open at the top to secure the elements. Another cool discovery that ranks right up there with the arch punch!


Patti Gibbons said...

I have some old stamp collecting pages that I put in loose leaf binders to hold my smaller collage elements. Someone gave them to me years ago. BUT I don't have the glassine for in between them, so I have not tried them for my coated papers. (Talbot method?) I find myself using that method less and less..due to time constraints in collage sometimes, lol......Great idea for people. Thanks for posting this. I just used them because I had them!

AnitaNH said...

Hey Patti, nice to hear from you! Yes, the Talbot method. I use it for fabric and most papers except very thin varieties like tissue paper or unryu.