Friday, January 15, 2010

Visual Thinking

I was drawn to the fabulous cover on this one. It caught my eye just as I was leaving. Published in 1972, Experiences in Visual Thinking was written by Robert H. McKim of Stanford University. Contents include: Background (thinking by visual images - images in action - ambidextrous thinking - learning to think visually); Preparations (materials and environment - relaxed attention); Seeing (externalized thinking - recentering - seeing by drawing - pattern-seeking - analytical seeing - proportion - clues to form and space); Imagining (the mind's eye - visual recall - autonomous imagery - directed fantasy - structures and abstractions - foresight and insight); Idea-sketching.

One subject covered at length is "blocks to thinking" and ways to overcome them. Something tells me that this book is an important find for me. I have since discovered a site called The Awakened Eye, a blog which includes a post titled great work comes from self-forgetting, and the lovely collage art of Miriam Louisa Simons.


Cyth said...

Hi Anita,
I do believe that you have discovered one of my old books. LOL. I've begun to declutter my work room ( and more ) and that was one I had to let go. Hope you enjoy it.


AnitaNH said...

Thanks, I was really excited to find it! Wasn't the thaw lovely today?

Cyth said...

Oh YES , indeed it WAS. Not much enjoying today's weather, however.

. said...

Anita! I am so delighted to know that you visited "theawakenedeye" website and blog. Thanks for the feedback and the links. I enjoy your blog too!
miriam louisa