Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ta-DA! The New Studio 2

Oops, I published that last post before I had a chance to put up the new studio shots. Well, here they are!

Lots of storage space was created by elevating the two small folding tables shown above. They are at just the right height for me to work standing up. I might move them to the center of the room later just to see how that works. But right now I have a lot of room to pace around.

The front wall, shown in the two photos above, is mainly storage right now.

And here's the design wall, above. I'm so happy how this project turned out. The rest of the downstairs shows great improvement as a result.


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AnitaNH said...

It's intimidating, actually. So neat. There goes my best excuse.

But, I love it. I keep wandering in and thinking WOW!

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