Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beverly, Mass. - Part I

I was born in Beverly, Massachusetts and lived in my parent's house on Cabot Street until age 5.

The house was a stone's throw away from the Salem-Beverly Bridge. The next view is the "down town" area of Cabot Street.

I moved back to Beverly in 1976 and lived briefly in a 3rd floor apartment on Broadway before moving to a small cape on Essex Street where I lived until I moved to New Hampshire in 1996.

My house on Essex Street was right down the street from the Beverly Public Library where I first began my self-education in art.

The old high school across the street from the library was part of North Shore Community College and I had signed up for an adult education course in greeting card illustration there. Unfortunately, the teacher became ill so the course was cancelled.


Mikel O'Brien said...

Terrific postcards! Thanks for sharing some of your personal history, too!

AnitaNH said...

Thanks, Mikel. I'm having fun looking at them.

I just noticed some kind of band around all of the trees in the first photo. Maybe trying to save them from Dutch Elm disease?