Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Hundertwasser Link

I should know better than to put the word "new" on any of my pages but there it is next to Hundertwasser under my Artist Links. I am excited to have found a few images hitherto unseen by me!

The first is titled Talks With The Beyond (Etching, Vienna, 1984). The square windows and the patchwork of the fenced-in area (a cemetery?) are like a patch-work quilt. I love that amazing dotted yellow sky. . . I don't think I can link directly to the image but you can see it on this page about his graphic work, bottom left. And the one right above it titled Il Rotolante - This Is A Creeper (Photolithograph/Silk screen, Venice, 1983) is pretty intense, also.

Another image I love is titled Singing Steamer in Ultramarine III (Mixed media, Paris, 1959). It's the long horizontal with primary colors, dots and squares on this page about his painting. He never used an easel, and sometimes painted on found objects. Examples at the bottom of the page, Switch Board (Mixed media, Porquerolles, 1980) and Pellestrina Wood (Painted wood assemblage, Hahnsäge, 1988) can be enlarged to see nice detail.

Don't miss this whole page of spirals showing two more favorites: The I Still Do Not Know (Mixed media, La Picaudière, 1960) and Close-Up of Infinity - Tagore's Sun (Mixed media, Kaurinui/Vienna, 1994). The spiral motif is an expression of transautomatism, founded by Hundertwasser, who believed that straight lines are 'godless and immoral.'

Well, that gives me something to think about, as does Hundertwasser on Hundertwasser where he states: "Paintings for me are gateways, which enable me, if I have been successful, to open them into a world which is both near and far for us, to which we have no admission. . ."

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