Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Frida Kahlo Book

A new book, Finding Frida Kahlo sounds great. The editorial review on Amazon is fascinating!

I learned about it from a cool site called project b which is owned by the book's author, Barbara Levine. She is also a collage artist. My kind of gal! Lot's of circular elements in her work.

Her gallery of curiosities includes Frida's teeth, in addition to pages from the Desk Book of Printing Types (1898: American Type Founders Company). I had published the same hands here along with some reprints from the Handbook of Early Advertising Art - Typographical and Ornamental Volume by Clarence P. Hornung. It's nice to know their original source.

Had I known those "Your Future Husband" cards from the vending machine at Salem Willows would be worth something today I would have kept all mine!


Barbara Levine said...

Hi, thanks for checking out my site! Great to know about another collage artist - really enjoyed your work. barbara

AnitaNH said...

Thank you, Barbara. I can't wait to get my hands on your book. I keep returning to the Amazon description to look at the photos from it!