Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chemical Apparatus

This was an extremely cool dump find. It's something Max Ernst would have made good use of in a surrealistic collaged novel. [Second part here.]

I've always loved microscopes. My first view of microscopic pond life hooked me on science. I never figured out until it was too late that what I really enjoyed was keeping the illustrated lab notebook. Judging by his painting titled The Gramineous Bicycle Garnished with Bells the Dappled Fire Damps and the Echinoderms Bending the Spine to Look for Caresses, Max Ernst liked microscopes too.

Look at the price of these balances. . . only $125.00 and $96.00 for such exquisite workmanship! They would make wonderful hermetically sealed stages.

When I look at this last one I think about designs for jewelry clasps and bracelet links!

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