Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elements From Old Books

Found some interesting items this morning at the dump. My favorite is the neat illustration of a Coding Tube. "This new electronic device transforms speech samples into seven-digit codes."

Plus this beautiful book jacket illustration by Irving Miller:

And a couple of nice paperback covers:

I've already started cropping and chopping in Photoshop to create interesting elements:


MrCachet said...

The tube looks to be EarlyAirbrush. The jackets are wonderful, and one of the last remnants of advertising art that still relies upon the illustration rather than the photograph. Did you find the soldier at the dump as well? Perhaps as a bookmark? Just curious.

AnitaNH said...

The soldier is the author, Cornelius Vanderbreggen, Jr. from the back of "Letters of a Leatherneck."