Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dump Stuff Run-On

The thing about the dump is to go with an open mind. I never know what I am going to find. From this time of year until "mud season" book pickings are somewhat limited mostly to paperbacks. But I managed to find a couple of interesting ones:

I'm actually reading The Sun Also Rises for the first time since high school. And after that, I might tackle the W.H. Hudson book that Hemingway mentions:
"The Purple Land" is a very sinister book if read too late in life.
I'm tempted to skip ahead to Hudson's book as soon as I can find a copy. I'm not getting any younger so it could be dangerous. I wouldn't mind a copy of the University of Wisconsin Press edition:
This facsimile of the 1904 Three Sirens Press edition includes striking woodcuts by Keith Henderson illustrating the characters in the novel and the fauna of Uruguay. Ilan Stavans's introduction offers an opportunity to revisit The Purple Land as a "road novel" in which an outsider offers reflections on nationality and diasporic identity.
I had to look up the word diasporic and it took a few tries before I found a dictionary that included it:

I might take advantage of this copy of "The Purple Land" in the Internet Archive before rapid decrepitation sets in. There's even a character in there named Anita:

Poor girl, someone cut her bangs too short! Might be the fault of the illustrator, Keith Henderson, who I suspect holds some sort of grudge against womenkind. How else could he depict something like this found on Artnet, titled "A young man making a frenzied attack upon the head dress of a woman":


MrCachet said...

If it weren't so diabolical (the last image), it would be a hoot, Anita. Headdress? LOL.

AnitaNH said...

Nice to see you're back. I noticed we both commented about Marty's American flag post yesterday on Ephemera almost simultaneously!